Hi David,

First I don’t have time to write a long report right now (but will soon).

I would recommend that anyone obsessed with catching a permit or lots of them the Palometa Club is the best choice. Kaye and Dick are among the finest hosts of any lodge I have ever visited. I didn’t think I would like the pangas but after fishing from them I actually like them better than flats boats for any but the most shallow water. The two guides per boat is a superb idea. My knees are so unsteady that I could only fish for short periods of time and being so unsteady had difficulty casting well—all my fault—not the boat, guides or lodge.

I really only fished briefly since all of my companions were so hopped up about catching permit that some days I never picked up a rod. After more than two years of caring for my lady and best friend for 24 hours a day and often getting up four or more times a night the ability to sit in the panga and just drink in the beauty of the flats, the area and the fishing was superb therapy.

I would recommend Palometa Club to anyone seeking permit.

Later if your like I can write a short recommendation for the web site or a brochure.

I also want to say before making a trip NO ONE has sent to me more thorough preparation materials. And I have fished over much of the planet—you do terrific job.

All the Best,