The Palometa Club is owned by Darren Soice from Calgary, Alberta.  Darren was a long time repeat guest of the Palometa Club for many years before buying the Club from Dick and Kaye Cameron in December 2018.   

Dick and Kaye are sticking around to co-manage the Palometa Club splitting time throughout the season with Calgary natives and longtime friends of Punta Allen, Mike and Maureen Gifford.

Mike and Maureen Gifford (Co-Managers)
Mike and Maureen are Calgary natives who began visiting Punta Allen and the Palometa Club as guests regularly ten years ago.  Mike has assisted managing seasonally the past few years and we were lucky to have Maureen join him full time in 2018 as our second husband / wife team.    Mike recently retired as owner of Country Pleasures fly shop in Calgary and has a lifetime of hospitality, guiding in Southern Alberta, and an incredible resume of destination travel throughout the world over the last 30+ years.  Mike has well over 100 permit on the fly to his credit and is one of the fishiest guys you will meet.  Maureen too is quite the angler and infectious enthusiasm, huge smile, can-do attitude, and warm personality make her the perfect co-host.

Mike and Maureen have established themselves as town favorites in Punta Allen, and their inspiring leadership always gets the best effort out of our team.  They run the tightest of ships and are an invaluable part of our family at the Palometa Club.  Just don’t remind them that Justin Bieber is their fellow countryman!

Dick & Kaye Cameron (Co-Managers)
Dick & Kaye contribute their twenty combined years of experience running fly fishing operations to ensure an unrivaled experience for all their guests.  After five years as manager of the Ascension Bay Bonefish Club, Dick and his lovely bride, Kaye, started the Palometa Club in 2006. Dick has led an action packed and colorful life as a commercial fishermen, sportfishing guide, mechanical pipefitter, and of course fishing lodge owner. He also has an incredible sense of humor and the perfect no-nonsense personality for running a fishing lodge. Dick is a third generation Alaskan and began his fishing career at age ten aboard his father’s commercial fishing boat.

Kaye is a beautiful and hospitable hostess who is in charge of keeping good manners in check and ensuring your margarita glass is always full.  Her professionalism and contagious enthusiasm make her the perfect co-host.  Dick and Kaye’s longtime and popular status with the townsfolk has allowed them to assemble an elite team of veteran guides and experienced service staff for The Palometa Club.  Dick and Kaye were married in Punta Allen, Mexico in June 2004. During the off-season they live and work in Juneau, Alaska and Seattle, WA with retired Club Mascot, “Digger”.