Just some of The Palometa Club's multi-talented guides

(L) Gorge 11 years with Dick, (Middle) Koreano 11 years with Dick, Charlie 6 years with Palometa Club and Jose 2 years.
It is hard to believe but it is true, after 9 hours on the water, polling boats and hunting for the elusive permit that these boys have the energy to suit up and play a rough and tumble game of 6 on 6, short field soccer. Running, kicking, heading and body blocking the ball in a field of sand.
The games are exciting and fast paced and we at The Palometa Club have become furious fans, even our clients love to walk to the field in the center of town, and cheer on the boys that have worked so hard for them. They walk away with the feeling that they, too, are now a member of this wonderful community, seeing how everyone comes together, admiring the camaraderie.
Punta Allen alone has about 6 teams, most of the time our guides play against each other, so I am usually rooting for both team, there is no way I can play favorites, they are all my “family” so I’m screaming the entire game, usually walking back to the club with a very sore throat, thankful that nobody has gotten injured “this time“.

Amy and I are seriously keeping our eye's on the game...

At least once a week the guys travel to Tulum, either by car down the bad road, or by boat to Muyil and jump in a truck and drive 40 minutes to their destination. The city has built a sports center where there is everything from baseball, volleyball, tennis and basketball courts. I was truly amazed the first time I went there, here in the middle of Tulum is an outstanding recreation area with vendors and all. It is beautiful, and such a great place for families and kids to go and have a really fun time. I wish we had more places like this in the United States, where families can go, be safe and spend time playing.

The Langostaros (lobstermen) is the name of our local team, this game is 11 on 11, and is on a big field with artificial turf. Now, most of our guides play on one team and are playing against Tulum teams, this game was part of a tournament, unfortunately we lost this game and came in 4th overall. I’d say our boys did a great job considering the Tulum team only focuses on football, having regular practices, running drills and doing whatever else one does when they are in training. Our guys are busy running fly fishing trips, getting ready for lobster season to open and working in the cooperativas, AND on top of that making a 2.5 hour trip tp play. They are heroes in my eyes and just another reason that I admire them so much. They all have a CAN DO attitude, and show it daily to us and our guests here at The Palometa Club.

Kate, Rafael as the Langosta mascot, Valerie and Yalena

You might ask who is stuffed inside the lobster as the team mascot? It is Rafael who is usually one of our more serious guides…if you know him, you know that I am totally joking. He is a prankster and has one of the best senses of humor in town and LOVES to put on a show, whether on top of the polling platform or in front of an audience Rafa will be there showing his stuff, making crowds laugh and wanting photos.
So, some of you might ask what there is to do in Punta Allen? All you have to do is look around, we have it all. Whatever you want from your trip, guaranteed tranquility, fish, great food and entertainment all wrapped up in the beautiful tiny village of Punta Allen, on the shores of Ascension Bay, Mexico.
Come on down, we are waiting for you to experience bliss.
Kaye Cameron