From:  Dick Cameron

It would very difficult for me expound much over what David Leake & Mike Thompson has already described, so I will just fill in the gaps. First of all the players:   Clay Williams stuck around for another week and joining him were Sam Leake and Ginger Twichell, David Coleman, Buddy Napier, Rick Meyer, Bob Stowe, Mark Harbaugh, John Cole, Scott Mathews and the aforementioned, Mike Thompson.

David Leake was dislodged from his room and forced to share the couch in our apartment with Digger. He had to duck out on Wednesday so he didn’t to share in the excitement of chasing the club weekly total record. The times were big and fishing cooperated with 19 Permit (3 short) for week! Over half of these went to anglers landing their first ever Permit on a fly.

Laughs were plenty and the stories (old and new) were great. With last seasons “take dat wit chew” end of the year group and this season’s first of three hosted weeks as an indication of what we can except from the gang at Tailwaters in the hosted trip program, then bring it on! If you were ever wondering about taking a hosted trip or you don’t have a wing man to travel with, grab one of the few remaining spots for later this season and head on down and we can have us a time!

Here are a bunch of images from the week.

See if you can count how many things are old school in this photo.

Mark Harbaugh. Patagonia Champion. Is that a bonefish?

Mark Harbaugh. For real sized permit.

Mark Harbaugh with his first ever permit.

Mark Harbaugh on home-ice in Idaho. Upon return from Club.

Bob Stowe. No such thing as a small permit. Especially when it is your first.

Please don't screw this up.


I can't watch.

Done deal.

Tony is the man!

Wow. Mike Thompson's 23 Pounder.

Measure before tagging.

Tagging. Thanks for BTT and all the boys at the Club.


Dallas Austin Abilene, Texas.

Sambo and first perm with help from Nino.

Sambo with 2nd ever perm.

Koreano, Ginger, Tony on Iguana Island.