S.P. and the Little Osprey Nino. 3rd Week is the charm.

By:  Dick Cameron

Anchorage Alaska is a beautiful place for sure but, February can test the metal of even the longtime resident of “The Great Land”. This time of year you are getting skied out, the days are not getting longer fast enough, you are sick to tears of shoveling snow and there is no local fishing in your foreseeable future. I should know, I lived it for 40 some odd winters. Couple that with an advanced case of Permititus and the only logical solution is a trip to Mexico and TPC!

John and Lynda Baker visited us a few years back and pledged to return so this year they made good on their promise. Maybe sitting in the Slouse Box at the Alaska State fair last September and enjoying some great live music (and a few frosty brews) with Kaye and I helped make up their minds, who knows? Any way they took the red and made it all the way to Punta Allen in one long day. The effort was rewarded with John’s first Permit ever and what claims will be the design of his first tattoo ever. John doesn’t recall the agreement however.

John & Lynda Baker. Fellow Alaskans.

Fellow Anchoragite, longtime TPC guest and real permit sick-o Joe Seelig made his first trip (2 scheduled) of the 2012 campaign this week. If you recall, Joe spent 17 days with us in 2011 and landed 20 Permit which extended a streak that had him on pace for 100 fish quicker than anyone in history. The week ended with Joe landing just one Permit and posing the larger question, where did Joe’s Mojo go? With a couple of break offs and some high wind days the reality that it is still Permit fishing after all was truly driven home.

John Baker. First ever permit flag raising on the new flag pole. Beginning of awesome tradition!

Stephen P. was back for his 2nd trip (so far) of the season and his journey from the north east was rewarded with one of this seasons largest fish to date. His big Permit weighed in the high 20’s and was tagged before being happily released. Stephen has really got the bug in a big way and I’ll bet we see him again before this campaign is over. He told me that he has place his experiences here amongst the highest he has had anywhere. This is coming from a guy that is a regular on some of north and south America’s most famed Salmon, Trout and Steelhead water!

What a great week with truly wonderful people.


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