The newest tradition at the Palometa Club: Each time a guest lands a permit (or more) you get to raise and fly a small blue and white flag on our new flagpole.  While this is a new idea for catch and release permit fishing, colored flags have been a part of the blue water sport fishing tradition for decades.  Originally, colored flags of the different species of marlin (blue for blue, white with stripes for striped, black for black) had several practical applications beyond simple bragging rights.  Mainly, the purpose of the colored flag on the halyard of a commercial or sport fishing vessel prior to VHS radio was simply to alert the rest of the fleet whether your boat had found fish (and of what species).   It was not just for Marlin either…  A capital “T” of either yellow or blue was flown when Tuna were caught as well.  The flags also alerted the dock hands back at the port when an approaching boat was returning with a catch that required a crane, scale and ice.  Again, all pre-radio forms of communication.

Today, at TPC, we just think it is a fun way for our guests to show off their bragging rights.  Below are the first two flag raising ceremonies.  I am very much looking forward to a multi-perm day to test the fortitude of Dick’s flagpole.

The First Ever Permit Flag Raising. John Baker.

Joe Seelig. Advanced Permititus has set in.