Well we all have em…. A period in our work year that seems to have more gravity then the norm. An event that causes more stress than it should and insists on a complete self-exam previous to its arrival. The group that was in last week was just that for The Palometa Club. For whatever reason, I appeared to be the only one here doing the freaking out.

Lefty is loved by all at the Palometa Club! Photo by: Tonya Crowe-Chinuntdet

Lefty had half of Punta Allen throwing tight loops.

TPC was visited by longtime client John Chinuntdet who brought his wife Tonya. Scott Rodgers was back again for his second trip this season and his third in the last two. Dos Rusty’s (Goff and Perry) jumped in from Dallas to check out TPC for the first time even though they are not strangers to the area. Father son tandem of Bruce and Bradford Hanley made their way down from the Northeaster US to enjoy the tropical sun as did Mark Lamos. Bill Anderson was also a TPC first timer who was accompanied by one of TPC’s best friends Jeffery Cardenas. Rounding the group was Rick Pope of Temple Fork Outfitters and Bernard Vincent Kreh who goes by the much recognized nick name of “Lefty”, you may read one of his 30 some books written about this crazy little sport.

Guides Alonso and Toni with Lefty and Rick following a 2 permit day.

Now you might understand a bit of why the days leading up to their arrival were kind of tense for me. As it turned out this was one of the best experiences I have ever had on this side of the lodge business. Lefty was a pure delight for all of us, staff, guides and guests alike were able to get to spend time with a walking talking encyclopedia of casting, fishing, writing, photography and history. Rick brought along the new BVK series of TFO rods for everyone to try and is an awesome caster/instructor in his own right. Those rods are still here at the club for you guys coming in to test drive (plug, plug) and they are pretty sweet casting rigs.

Rusty and Rusty are no strangers to the salt and have spent a pile of time on Ascension Bay but, this was the first assault from this angle. Rusty Goff was the first of this all-star crew to fool a permit then the weather got tough making difficult on everyone. Scott Rodgers is always such a pleasure to be around so it very cool to see him keep his streak alive if catching at least one permit each time he is at TPC.

The Rustys with Lefty and Scotty. Still waiting on Rusty Goffs Permit Photo.

Scotty Rodgers laying the wood down.

Another Ascension Bay victory for Scotty.

Photo by Tonya C.

John “the killer” Chinuntdet, along with wife Tonya, were fishing machines helping the boys gather up much needed protein for the upcoming Easter weekend celebration. Jacks, snapper, cuda, and sharks all feared for their lives whenever this crew hit the water and John managed to get the best of 2 permit amongst all the action.

Tonya and John jacking around.

One of two for John.

Bill Anderson and Jeffery doubled up on the last day of the week to end a 5 year long pursuit of the wily Palometa for Bill. He vowed continually throughout the week that if his quest ended in a permit this week he was going to get a permit tattoo on his ass region. I recommended it be the TPC logo. The depth of admiration and respect that flows back and forth between Jeffery and the crew of guides here at The Palometa club is really a cool thing t witness. These boys simply love him and he them! I guess it’s the recognition of one super star by another.

Charlie, Jeffrey & Alonso. Amigos.

Mark, Bruce and Bradford’s permit dreams did not come true on this particular trip and we can’t wait to have you all back for another whack at evening the score.

Rick had his moment in the sun that resulted in 2 permit landed in the same day while accompanied by Lefty who was more than happy to share Rick’s first (2) permit ever. I describe the joy we get when people who have chased permit across the Caribbean, with little or no luck, get the first one(s) with our great group of guides.

Rick Pope and his First Permit!


Rick and John flying their cerimonial victory flags.

Thank you all and thank you David Leake and cast of characters at Tailwaters for making this past week possible.

Dick Cameron