Dear Anglers, Friends, and Club Members,

Thank you in advance for checking out the enclosed Palometa Club Off-Season Newsletter. It is filled to the gunnels with announcements related to next season. There are also reports and images from the recent campaign. I am confident you will find it very informative as well as entertaining – and hopefully encourage you to book a trip back to see us later this Fall or the first half of 2013!

After my first few visits to the Club in 2011, I quickly became a believer that this little mom and pop fishing lodge on Ascension Bay was something special. It has a familial and sincere quality to it that you sense the moment you step in the building. When you couple this ‘like home’ feeling with the region’s best team of guides and a world class fishery, it is hard for me to imagine a better all around Caribbean angling holiday – only a few hours from home! I could not stop wondering how has The Palometa Club flown under the radar this long? When we partnered with The Palometa Club as their exclusive sales and marketing arm last summer the #1 goal was clear…

… Put this thing on the radar screen.

You don’t have to dive too deeply into the attached newsletter to observe we have made progress. This past season The Palometa Club has been featured in the Angling Report, Drake Magazine, and all over the blogosphere. Our creative printadvertising campaigns have paid dividends, and we have hosted industry’s icons – including none other than Lefty Kreh (who gave us the highest of marks). We have cranked up the show circuit, and taken on a Canadian sales office with Country Pleasures Fly Shop in Calgary.

It is safe to say we have succeeded at creating “the buzz”. Newbies, seasoned travelers, and industry folks are surfacing weekly inquiring for space. People are learning about the brand. They want to know how this little boutique lodge brings 150+ permit to hand every 6 months. People want to learn why their buddy’s buddy’s brother comes to see us three times a year! What’s even cooler is that this enthusiasm is not because of any genius marketing or by offering deep discounts. It has come about by simply making the Club more visible. A trip here speaks for itself, and then follows the word of mouth.

After my first full season at the helm handling all of the sales, marketing, and U.S.A. based business affairs for The Palometa Club, I must say the last year + has been a true pleasure. Partnering up with first class people and representing a fishing program that is second to none in the Caribbean has been a dream come true. As I reflect back on the most successful season in Club history I feel an incredible sense of pride and gratitude. Thank you to all of you who came down to see us this year, and thank you in advance for getting your name on the calendar for next season. Don’t forget, we open up on November 4th!


David Leake