Friday nights arrival of Snidow’s group was as usual and as predictable as the years passed. Everyone entered the building loaded down with their favorite beverages, cigars and sweet treats. Topping it off, the newest member of the group, Dr. Charles W, came lugging a kite board, which we found is one of his favorite pastimes, and Ascencion Bay to be a prime area for this activity…who knew. The group was in high spirits and ready to begin the 5th annual Lofgren memorial tournament. Dinner was served and Todd explained the rules for this year’s competition, which included 6 paper plates (one for each boat) with a hand drawn red permit on each of them, and written dimensions for the other species that counted for the coveted trophy.

Tony and another one…

Dr. Joe from Anchorage, Alaska and Matt Jones of Tailwaters Flyfishing Co. were also a great addition to the group, as usual Joe was amped and ready to go fishing, while Matt accompanied him to shoot photo’s and blow us all away with his talent. One example: transforming an awesome storm into a stunning piece of art.

Matt Jones Handy Work.

The weather was a bit tough for the week, very windy at times, an occasional sprinkling of rain, mixed with clouds and sun, low temps didn’t help much either, but that didn’t stop anyone from having a great time and landing a bunch of fish. Everyone had lots of chances to get permit, on some days they were casting to schools between 20 and 200 fish. There were fish that ate and spit, permit doing their permit stuff. All the guys were so impressed with the guides, their boat skills, their eyes, their english and their patience. They raved and raved about the lodge and the food.

The trophy winner for 2013 was Barry and he deserved it!

Permit: Barry 2

Todd 1

Pat W 1 (no longer a virgin, and it was his first time permit fishing…I think.


Barrett with the clincher. Lofgren Cup 2013 Champ.