The last week of February started out with howling winds and clear skies for our mixed bag group form Texas, Wyoming, and New Orleans.  Everyone in the group was a repeat except for Eric Oliver of Abilene, TX, Bob Stewart of Ft. Worth, and Gray and Kelli Thornton of Cody, Wyoming.  

The biggest heartbreak of perhaps the entire season happened on day #1.  Kelli Thornton, fishing with her husband, Gray, and guides Korreano and Tony, hooked what was estimated as a permit in the 35-40 pound class.  In predictably fashion the fish set a heading for someplace in the mid-Atlantic and hauled off 250+ yards of backing before breaking off.  Would have been an epic brochure cover photo with Kelli holding a permit half her size!  I hope she will one day come back to even the score. 

Meantime, the second half of the week provided awesome conditions and 9 total permit landed for the week.  Lynn Boyd, David Coleman, Clay Williams, and Barrett Clark all kept their streaks alive – while Eric Oliver managed his first permit as well.  Still waiting on photos from Eric!  Preston Perry from the shop teamed up on a respectable fish with Big Julio and Captain Dick snuck away for a day and got it done.  All and all a pretty typical week with wonderful people and a ton of fun.   

Dr. Clay and Nino with calm morning permit.

Recently weened but still counts. Clay with 2 fish in one day!

David Coleman with one of his two perms.

Dick Cameron. Fishing and not working.

Barrett Clark with Permit 1 of 2.

Barrett Clark with 2 of 2.

Nino doing what he does best.

Lynn Boyd with his 6,940th permit from the Palometa Club.

Preston and Big Julio. Team Effort (Sort of).

Grow Bigger and don’t tell your friends.


Wish I was THERE.