By: Kaye Cameron

The weather this season has been very difficult, with many cloudy days, north wind, and some rain, however the week of March 15-21 had several fantastic beautiful, sunny days, and it was a treat for sure!

We welcomed back our good friend Steve Davenport who brought his son Tim here for the first time, and introduced him to saltwater. There was an improvement in Tim’s casting everyday and by the end of his week was spotting permit on his own. Steve landed a nice permit on Thursday. I think the best part of his trip was spending it with his son. We have now had the honor of meeting Steve’s wife and 2 out of 4 adult kids. Steve in a wonderful friend to Punta Allen and to us as well.

Mike Gifford hosted a group the previous week, we loaded them onto the van with Manny and sent them to the airport while Dick and Mike spend a great day fishing together, Mike landed a great permit, on Wednesday came in and added 3 flags to the pole, nice work Mike!

NFL Coach Brandon Fisher is an avid sportsman and a great guy, he landed a great permit, and extended his trip to fish two more days. Another case of permititus has been diagnosed and Brandon is planning future trips to find the cure… Joe Seelig, our friend from Anchorage had an extended visit as well, and landed a permit, his disease is still active. Thanks Mike and Davis Campbell for driving down from Tulum, and congratulations to Davis who landed his first tarpon. We are looking forward to Joe and Mike to be with us for the first annual permit tourney May 17-24, they are teaming up and will be amazing contenders for the championship.

Thank you for being such a great group and supporting The Palometa Club, can’t wait to see you all again.