We hosted the first annual Palometa Club Permit Tournament last week at the Palometa Club. Stay tuned for the full report.

Meantime, we could not wait to share pics of a true “fish of a lifetime” landed by long time customer and friend, Mr. Ken Ferderer, of Morgan Hill, CA. While fishing with guide team, Alonso and Sammy, Ken and his fishing companion, Mike Gifford, from Country Pleasures Fly Shop in Calgary, came across this specimen last Sunday. On the second presentation she aggressively slurped the fly close the the surface and a 1 hour 6 minute fight commenced.

The fish bottomed out a 30 pound boga-grid like a sack of concrete with only 1/3rd of her body out of the water. The permit was 38 inches long with a girth of 36 inches. While there is no true formula for calculating weight of permit using length and girth measurements, the consensus is the fish weighted around 48 pounds. There is nothing official about it, but there is also no question this fish would have shattered the official 12 pound tippet world record of 42 pounds.





Who says big permit only live in the Florida Keys?