We wrapped up March the same way we wrapped up February. On fire! Consistently GOOD weather continues to be the trend – and as a result the fishing for all species has been fantastic. Bonefish, permit, snook, and jacks are a regular occurrence for those who choose to target them, and the success with permit has proved to be nothing short of spectacular. It has also been a very triumphant and nostalgic month for the team at the Palometa Club. We have hosted some of our oldest and most loyal repeat guests, as well as witnessed several first timers with their FIRST permit landed.



The 1000th Permit Has Been Captured:
Most notably, customer #1, Joe Seelig managed to land our 1000th permit! Fishing with guides Jonathan and David on Saturday, March 30th, while celebrating his 39th birthday, Joe successfully hooked and brought to hand a respectable 10 pounder before 10:00AM. The Palometa Club’s millennial fish also marked Joe’s personal 50th permit – ALL caught with our team at the Palometa Club! Many thanks to Sage and Hatch for donating a rod and reel combo to celebrate the 1000th fish to go along with Joe’s FREE return pilgrimage next season. Joe actually wrapped the week with five permit in the bag – all but the 1000th fish weighing in at the 18-22 pound mark.

Not the biggest.  But there is no such thing as a small one.  David, Joe, and Jonathan with numero mil.

Not the biggest. But there is no such thing as a small one. David, Joe, and Jonathan with numero mil.


Joe and Dick signing the 1000th permit flag.

 Earlier in the month… March began with a small batch of anglers including Ron Solomon (owner of Telluride Outside Fly Shop) and his buddy, Bill Leech, as well as Ms. Kelli Roach from Dallas joining as a solo angler. Ron managed his first two permit on the fly! Kelli, on her second ever saltwater fly fishing trip, also got the perm monkey off her back with her first.

Dan Shepherd and Brandon Bannigan from the Grizzly Hackle Fly Shop in Montana brought another stellar roster of folks the second week of March. The ladies kept getting on the board with Peg Misken taking a couple, as well as Jay Meizer, Tab Bannigan, Geoff Sutton, and Marty Lecholat adding their names to the tally. Looking forward to seeing you guys next season!

Jack Lassiter, Richard Klein, Chris Spratt, and David Lyon joined solo anglers Garrett Nails and Peter Raudzens for a somewhat tough weather week, but managed to do well on the flats with bones, snook and some baby tarpon.


Paul Puckett from Flood Tide Company and Low Country Fly Shop in Charleston, SC arrived on March 21st along with Bill Purmort, Ryan Griffin and David Porter. Joining them was Chris Schenking of Utah as well as Brandon Fisher on this 3rd trip of the 2014 season. Brandon made friends with three more Ascension Bay permit (#995, #996, and #1001), Chris had a banner week with four fish in the bag, David hooked a handful and landed his first ever on a bamboo rod (that’s a TPC first by the way) – and Ryan and Paul both wrapped up the week with their first ever permit as well. Check out Ryan’s well written and colorful trip report with some nice images from Paul’s Flood Tide Company Website: http://www.floodtideco.com/blog/view/9511


Of course then the magic kicked into high gear with Joe’s five fish – including #1000, and #1002. Steve Davenport and Randy St. John put a wrap on March with #1003 and #1004 – and are still banging away at them for the rest of the week.

We are more than halfway to the conclusion of the Spring 2014 campaign. Our 2nd Annual Tourney week kicks off Friday and we still have a few open rods remaining between now and our off-season close, June 13th. Thank you to all past, present, and future guests for helping create another magical season thus far!

Make sure to scroll below for what little inventory we have left for this season and some more images and hero shots from March!

Updated Availability
There is not much remaining open on the calendar, but we do have a few holes here and there that need filling – including 4 rods open for our 3rd Annual BTT Tagging Week, May 9-16. Note the WIDE OPEN week of May 30-June 6 with al twelve spots open. The first week of June can be gangbusters with little to no boat traffic on the bay and light early summer breezes. If you were thinking of a last minute migration south – now is the time to book one of the following slots:

April 27 – May 2 (2 Spots Open) – Short Week & Hosted Trip with Brian O’Keefe
May 2-9 (2 Spots Open)
May 9-16 (4 Spots Open) – Hosted Trip & BTT Tagging Week with Aaron Adams
May 30-June 6 (12 Spots Open)
June 6-13 (4 Spots Open)

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