Palometa Club anglers now have an unbelievably cool way to document their Ascension Bay trip. Christian Ihrybauer, a South African photographer and filmmaker, currently calls Punta Allen home and is offering his services to Palometa Club guests.

Christian has had a lifelong love and talent for photography and film that he pursued through formal education and now as a career. Christian earned a Motion Picture Medium degree (including directing, scriptwriting, and editing) at the prestigious South African Film and Drama Academy, and has spent the last few years working on projects all over the world. He is incredibly talented and it is our good luck that he fell in love with Punta Allen.
We hired him last year to document the 5th Annual Palometa Club Permit Tournament and spent several days on the skiff with him. He is an awesome dude and so much fun to have on the boat. We were blown away when we saw the results:


Needless to say, we can’t get enough of Christian’s work, which is why we are so excited that this is an option for Palometa Club guests. Anglers can hire him for any number of days, and receive professionally edited film and photography of their trip. It is a no-brainer for larger groups. Christian rotates boats throughout the week and the group splits the cost. Thus each angler ends up paying a small fraction of what work of this quality is worth, while receiving imagery and film of the entire group.

We love the trend of cutting edge films being produced in the fly fishing world today. If you have been to the Fly Fishing Film Tour you know what we mean. The only thing better than watching films like that on the big screen is to star in one of them! If you already have a trip booked to Palometa Club and would like to engage Christian, call us asap to ensure his availability.

To see more of Christian’s work, follow him on Instagram: @the_cri, @filmsonthefly, and @4bc_productions. You can also check him out on Facebook, or on his website