Non-Angling Activities

Although primarily a fishing destination, The Palometa Club does offer alternative activities for non-angling companions such as guided snorkeling excursions, eco-tours, and trips to Mayan ruins and temples found in the region. The lodge is an excellent place to escape civilization and relax in a tropical wilderness paradise! None of our tours have a rigid schedule or agenda. We will just provide you and/or your non-angling companions with a guide (possibly one of the owners), a boat or truck and go exploring.

“The Palometa Club does not accommodate non-angling guests who are not accompanied by a fishing companion. Our non-angling programs are designed to keep non-angling guests entertained while a roommate is on the water fishing.

Ascension Bay Eco-Tours & Wildlife

A basic tour of Ascension Bay would consist of birding as it is the home to over 300 species of birds, and an equal amount migrate through each year. Common species of birds include roseate spoonbills, osprey, giant frigate, white ibis, egret, turkeys, parrots, toucans, great curassow, flamingos and herons just to name a few. Sea turtles are always easy to find and there are five species such as the green, leatherback, and hawksbill. Dolphins, several species of rays and sharks, cayman crocodiles, and the occasional whale shark or manatee can also be a part of any eco-tour.

Within the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve exists an incredible array of other land-based wildlife such as howler and spider monkeys, white-lipped peccaries, pumas, brocket deer, tapirs, and jaguars. Our guides were born and raised in the Sian Ka’an and know where to find the elusive creatures that call it home.


Within a short boat ride of The Palometa Club lies over 70 miles of Palancar Reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world. Offering some of the finest snorkeling in the Northern Hemisphere, this brilliant marine paradise teems with an infinite variety of fish, rays, turtles, eels, starfish, shells, sea fans, corals, etc. Join us for a snorkeling eco-tour through the warm Caribbean waters where we’ll come face-to-face with a hawksbill turtle, photograph fish as colorful as a rainbow, or explore a ship wreck.

Muyil Ruins Day Trips

Our boat trips to Muyil are an all day commitment – but well worth the effort. The day begins with a boat ride up the Boca Paila Lagoon viewing several species of birds, turtles, dolphins and other wildlife as you traverse through tight channels in a comfortable panga (boat). There are numerous freshwater swimming holes along the route.

Although small in comparison to Tulum or Chichen Itza, Muyil is one of the most recently discovered ancient ruins. We have been told Muyil was a stopping point to pay taxes for spices and other goods traded and sold on Ascension Bay. The area is also home to many types of orchids that begin blooming in late April. After you are finished with the ruins there is a fabulous boardwalk jungle tour, with signage describing flora and fauna written in Mayan and English. If you are brave enough there is an enormous viewing platform with a breathtaking view of Tulum and most of the Ascension Bay. Trips to Muyil require one of our fishing guides to accompany the group – so they are not possible when we have a full house of anglers.

Doing Nothing!

Just cruising into Punta Allen for lunch or a beer is a pleasant past-time. The beach in front of the lodge is beautiful and peaceful, and a great place to take a stroll, a swim, do a little sun worshiping, or chill with a good book. The lodge staff as well as 24 hour electricity and air conditioning is provided for non-anglers to stay comfortable during the day.

Massage Therapy

We have an in-house massage therapist on staff to provide evening massages after a long day on the water.