Pre-Trip Planning Services


tailwaters The travel department at Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company in Dallas, Texas is the lead sales and marketing office for the Palometa Club. Tailwaters Travel has a reputation for professionalism, timeliness, and superior attention to detail. Their staff is also very intimate with the region as well as the Palometa Club’s staff, routine, lodging and fishing program.

The Tailwaters Travel team will assist you through every step of the trip planning process to ensure there are no surprises. You can rest easy knowing that you will book the correct commercial flights, understand the lodge program and policy, and come equipped with exactly the clothing, tackle, and gear that is most productive. While planning a trip is half the fun, Tailwaters Travel will take the guess work out of the process and guarantee a safe and organized angling holiday to the Palometa Club.


When you book a trip to the Palometa Club you will receive one of our all encompassing outfitting guides. These comprehensive packets contain everything from maps to gear and tackle recommendations, information about commercial travel arrangements, lodge policy, country information, itinerary, travel insurance and much more. Our outfitting guides have been meticulously prepared to provide you with the most informative and up to date pre-trip planning reference in the industry. Although the Tailwaters staff is always on call, our outfitting guides are the ultimate go-to resource for questions or concerns about planning your trip to the Palometa Club.