Seasonality & When to Go

The 2024 Season dates are January 19 – June 26 for the Spring Season and July 26 – December 6 for the Summer & Fall Seasons.

The 2025 Season dates are January 24 - June 27 for the Spring Season and July 11 - December 12 for the Summer/Fall Season.

*** We will be closed June 27-July 11, September 19 - October 3, and December 12 - January 23, 2026.    

There really is no “best” time to visit the Club as every week of the season offers pros and cons to consider. The following is a breakdown of the typical fishing conditions and variables involved with booking a trip during to the lower Yucatan during any season.

Yucatan Weather & Conditions

For the most part, guests should expect good fishing weather anytime we are open and operating, with all standard species available and plentiful year round. The southern Yucatan enjoys warm and humid temperatures and comfortable fishing conditions; however there are certainly idiosyncrasies to consider with each of the seasons when planning your trip.

Winter (December, January, Early February)

90% of the time the weather on the winter weather on the Yucatan is very favorable for fishing. However, on occasion a powerful cold front can push its way into Central America and mess things up a bit on the flats. Although the air rarely gets cool, northern winds and storms can pop up this time of year. When this does happen, it does not usually last long as the southeasterly trade winds typically kick right back in. Gambling with lousy fishing conditions is part of all flats fishing trips no matter when you decide to plan your trip – so do not be discouraged from venturing south this time of year. The flats are generally well rested with fewer anglers around and some of the biggest permit are on the flats with the cooler water. Not to mention that warm tropical paradise is always a welcome alternative to winter up north.

Spring (Late February, March, April, May)

By early Spring, the southeasterly trade winds have usually settled in, and very predictable weather conditions are common. It can still be a bit blustery in the Spring, but all species are around and happily settled into the routine and most days are sunny with the exception of the occasional afternoon thundershower. The Spring months are probably the most consistent, but also the most popular with North American anglers. Make sure to book your trip in advance during this time period! The Club is always 100% booked during these months so getting your name on the calendar sooner rather than later is mandatory during these months.

Summer (June, July, August)

Believe it or not, the summer is one of our favorite times in the Caribbean. Although it is a bit warmer, the summer months typically have far less wind! Best of all, everyone seems to be heading to the mountains and not to the tropics this time of year, so the flats are very well rested and fewer anglers are around. The summer is considered part of hurricane season, but rarely does the Yucatan start seeing significant tropical weather until late August – but rain showers are a more frequent occurrence starting mid-June. Larger, larger migratory tarpon are coming through during the summer, and the backcountry fishing for baby tarpon and snook can be dynamite as well.

Fall (September, October, November)

For the most part, the Fall months enjoy very Spring-like conditions. You have to keep your eye on the weather channel for any hurricanes bouncing your way in September/October, but when the weather is good the fishing can be very consistent for all species. November 1 marks the official month of hurricane season. This is also a quiet month in terms of fishing pressure. It is hard to hit it completely wrong in the Fall as the vast majority of the time fishing conditions are great. If the weather is good – so is the fishing.