Safe Travel on the Yucatan

Consider the Yucatan a very safe tourist destination. Over 2.5 million Americans traveled through Cancun Airport last year without a known incident of violent crime. The Yucatan States of Quintana Roo, Yucatan and Campeche have the least amount of crime of any sort in all 31 Mexican States.

The facts about visiting the Yucatan: Upon leaving customs at the Cancun or Tulum Airports, you are in the hands of a lodge representative (in many cases the owner) who escorts you all the way to the front door of the lodge. When traveling south to Ascension Bay, you cruise at 100km/hour during daylight hours through the completely Americanized hotel zone of Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Mega hotels and Sam’s Wholesales dot the landscape. Upon arrival in Tulum you exit the main highway and enter the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, a completely remote and desolate coastal national park. Dozens of boutique hotels and hundreds of sunburned tourists are scattered along the road riding bicycles or rented jeeps for the first dozen kilometers before entering the depths and safety of the jungle en route to the sleepy lobster fishing village of Punta Allen. Punta Allen is a town of 600 residents that sleep with the doors unlocked and children run in the sandy streets.

The Yucatan Peninsula is nearly 100% reliant on tourist dollars and is light years and a thousand miles from the drug cartel violence on the border and cities like Mexico City or Monterrey. While there is no hiding that the drug cartels in Mexico are ruthless, electing not to visit the Yucatan for fear of violent crime is simply not founded. Crime is an unfortunate aspect of life in all parts of the world, yet the remote coastal regions of the Yucatan are further from it than EVERY city in the USA.

Hopefully you won’t allow the sensationalist media or the uninformed to talk you out of visiting the Club. Incredible fishing, kind people, and a safe, relaxing tropical holiday await you there.