Rising Tide Fund

Our commitment to supporting the local community of Punta Allen and conservation in the Sian Ka’an.

As hundreds of our past guests can attest, it is easy to fall in love with the town of Punta Allen – as well as become inspired by the Sian Ka’an Reserve’s vast ecological splendor. Many hearts and minds are captivated by this little corner of the Caribbean and its residents. We are also asked by our guests how to donate or participate in financial support for the local community. The principal partners of the Palometa Club share this passion; and we have created many meaningful and fun ways for folks to get involved.

While the majority of our staff and guides on the ground at the lodge are made up of local residents, our American based partnership is fundamentally still a guest in Punta Allen. The residents of the town have welcomed us and all of our lodge guests with open arms since day one. The Palometa Club experience is existentially only as good as the health of our town and surrounding natural environment. To that end, making a tremendous effort to improve the quality of life in town as well as contribute to the stewardship of Ascension Bay and the Sian Ka’an is the only way forward.

Since the Palometa Club first established roots in 2005, philanthropic and conservation efforts have always been a part of our culture. For years the Club and our guests have raised money for various causes in Punta Allen including contributions to the local playground, housing improvements for school teachers, medical care, scholarships / tuition for students, school supplies & uniforms, and more. We have also donated substantially to the Jon Ain Permit Fund at the Bonefish Tarpon Trust – including underwriting BTT’s permit tagging program on Ascension Bay. We have been blessed with incredibly generous patrons like Robert Valtz, Jason Petty, Jeff Fisher, Don Mackenzie, Todd Snidow, the Ladies Permit Pachanga Tournament, and many others who have broken out their checkbooks for the benefit of the community.

Despite these amazing gestures, our ownership concluded that what has historically been a fairly loosely organized arrangement should evolve into a more legitimate and official charitable effort. For this reason, we founded The Palometa Club Rising Tide Fund.

The Rising Tide Mission

Our goal is to enhance the fundraising efforts for the benefit of Punta Allen, Mexico and its residents; as well as lead conservation initiatives in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere to protect this incredible natural resource forever. The Rising Tide Fund provides a vehicle for guests and key sponsors to contribute financially to the cause. Donations are tax deductible in keeping with our 501c3 status. To View our 2024 fundraising goals and missions CLICK HERE.

The organization includes:
  • Board of Directors with key Punta Allen & American membership
  • Transparent Bookkeeping and Annual Reporting
  • Annually Published Goals & Initiatives
  • Industry Partnerships / Sponsors
  • Annual Fishing Tournament / Celebration

Our goal is for all our efforts to be deliberate and transparent. Everyone needs to know our specific goals and where the money is going. Each year, our board of directors will vote on and outline particular goals for the season and periodically report on progress.

Examples of these goals include but are not limited to:
  • Scholarship Funding for local students at high school and collegiate level
  • Improvements to local school facilities and overall educational operations
  • Medical care and home repairs for local residents
  • Trash (plastic) cleanup efforts in town and on Ascension Bay
  • Sargassum grass cleanup on town beaches
  • Donations to the Bonefish Tarpon Trust & other Conservation Organizations
  • Assist with roads maintenance in town
  • Improvements and maintenance of town infrastructure

How to Donate

Anyone wanting to donate to The Rising Tide Fund can do so anytime – including while staying with us as a guest at the lodge. An online donation form is available by CLICKING HERE – and we are developing other creative ways to participate, corporate sponsorships, and more.

While at the Lodge:

When checking out, ask the manager(s) on duty to add a donation to your incidentals bill. Donations can be made in increments of $50 and paid for by cash or credit card on site.

While NOT at the Lodge:

Simply CLICK HERE to head over to our online donations page or simply contact our team at Tailwaters Travel in Dallas and they can provide payment options by check, ACH transfer, or credit card.

(214) 219-2500
travel@tailwatersflyfishing.com or permit@palometaclub.com

Annual Permit Tournament & The Rising Tide Fund

For the past ten years, we have hosted an annual permit tournament and fundraiser at the Club. Our tournament is a laid back and super fun competition that is supported by our key sponsors as well as a $500 entry fee per angler. Seven two-man teams participate in four competitive permit fishing days during the week, and an individual “biggest fish” category is in play all six days.

Historically, the tournament has functioned as the singular annual fundraising apparatus for the Club. Recognizing the inefficiency of this model, our annual permit tourney moving forward will function as a celebration of a full year of fundraising by hundreds of donors to The Rising Tide Fund – as distinct from hitting up a small crew of anglers at the singular event. Among other prizes and swag, tourney winners will also earn a FREE TRIP back to defend their title the following year.

CLICK HERE for more information regarding our annual PERMIT TOURNEY.

Advisor Board of Directors

The Rising Tide board of directors is established to vote on goals and initiatives presented at our annual permit tournament each year. Local participation is mission critical to understanding the local needs, and local board members will have the deciding vote on how funds are deployed in the most mentioned way.

  • Gerardo Velazquez
  • Lucia Valladares
  • Charly Rendon
  • Jason Petty
  • Neil Turner
  • Paul Comer
  • Alan Steele
  • David Leake

List of 2023 Donors

  • 2022 Ladies Permit Pachanga – $2800
  • Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company, LLC – $2800
  • Team Borracho Pescador – $500
  • Paul Brown – $100
  • Pieter Kessels – $100

Key Fly Fishing Industry Partners

Many thanks to our key industry partners for supporting The Rising Tide Fund and our annual tournament. These brand titans have also contributed to enhancing our guest’s experience by providing access to their incredible goods and services. Their generosity is unmatched, and we look forward to many more years of reciprocating partnership.

  • Sage Fly Fishing
  • Simms Fishing
  • Yeti
  • Fishpond
  • Smith Optics
  • Flylords Mag