Tulum Airport Open (TQO)

What does this mean?

As you may know, the Yucatan’s newest international airport located approximately 40 kilometers southwest of Tulum is now up and running. U.S. carriers including American Airlines (Dallas and Miami), United Airlines (Houston), Delta Airlines (Atlanta), and Spirit Airlines (Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale) are scheduled to begin daily service to Tulum (TQO) in late March / early April.

While on the surface this sounds like exciting news for anglers hoping to minimize travel time to/from Punta Allen, we regret to discover that, at least for now, this is not as enticing as we had hoped. In short, they built a state-of-the-art incredible new airport but did not improve the road infrastructure to support it. Traffic delays right now (even before all the big U.S. carriers begin operating) are upwards of over one hour; not yielding any meaningful reduction in travel time when compared to the 1.25 hour drive from Cancun. Once all the big airlines start operating, the fear is it will be much worse.

For this reason (for the time being) we are sticking with Cancun (CUN) as our primary port of entry for all Palometa Club guests. Once Tulum’s new airport is running full tilt and we can test running regular transfers without major traffic delays later this Spring / early Summer, we would be delighted to offer more regular and inclusive service there. THE GOOD NEWS is that the airport in Tulum should relieve some traffic pressure from the traditional Cancun drive – especially now that construction on the Mayan Train has also been completed. Also check out the news of our new plans for water transfers from the top of the road near Tulum – avoiding the entirety of the bumpy jungle road!

What if you really want to travel through Tulum?

We will accommodate cohesive groups of 5 or 6 guests that would prefer to travel via Tulum’s new airport as part of our inclusive packages with no additional charge. We will also provide ground transport from Tulum for smaller groups, but an additional expense will apply. Please inquire for details.