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Help us support the local community of Punta Allen and conservation in the Sian Ka’an.

The Rising Tide Mission

Your charitable donation to the Rising Tide Fund is a great way for anglers to support the community of Punta Allen near our beloved fishery.

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the 2024 mission

Goals, Progress & Donors

Every year we identify worthy philanthropic and conservation projects for the town of Punta Allen and the conservation of the Sian Ka’an Reserve.
The following is a list and brief summary of our 2023-2024 goals budgets, timeline, and objectives. We have until October 18th as a fundraising period.

Town Activity Center ($15,000)

Led by the energetic local named Habib Salazar, Punta Allen will soon enjoy the conversion of the town’s old generator house into a proper activity center. This ambitious project will ultimately house a gymnasium, boxing facilities, classrooms, library, astronomy center, museum, and more. This is a worthy civil project that will serve the whole community with organized fitness and wellness activities for all age groups. The Rising Tide Fund has pledged $15,000 for phase 1 of the project which includes the completion of a weather resistant roof as well as proper bathrooms. Francois is also running with the project and is developing a boxing training group for both children and adults.

Financial Aid & Assistance for Estrella Guadalupe Cruz Huitzil ($2,000)

Estrella is a bright young lady who is a resident in Punta Allen. In addition to being completely blind, Estrella is a fantastic student attending school full time in Tulum with aspirations of one day becoming an attorney. Sadly, she recently suffered a house fire destroying most of her clothing, personal items, and most notably her braille machine. We could not be more motivated to provide a new iPad to replace her braille machine as well as some clothing and other essentials.

Financial Assistance for Mariano Javier Vidal Tinal ($1,750)

Everyone who has visited the Palometa Club knows the leader of our kitchen team, Rosi. Her husband Javier is sadly a very ill diabetic who has recently had BOTH of his legs amputated. The Rising Tide has already pledged and contributed $1,750 in financial aid to help cover some of Javier’s mounting medical bills.

Dasha’s Beach Cleanup Crew ($3,000)

Our co-manager, Dasha, has organized a team to assist in weekly beach cleanups in and around town. In addition to cleaning up the endless river of plastic that washes on our shores, the project gives purpose and income to otherwise idle children and folks past their prime working years. The goal is to expand the size of the area’s cleaned regularly to include more outward parts of the bay and to obtain a recycling machine to ultimately one day manufacture gifts and bracelets made of recycled plastic harvested on Ascension Bay. This year’s budget for the cleanup crew is dedicated to acquisition of proper collection equipment, disposal, and payroll for all participants.

Aguiles Pescadores Youth Bird Watch Club ($1,500)

The local youth bird watching club is a very worthy cause led by Juanita Poot Lugo. The Aguiles Pescadores meet regularly to explore the beaches and nearby jungle viewing and learning about the hundreds of resident and migratory bird species in the Sian Ka’an. The club provides an education and appreciation for the local wildlife will keeping youngster out of trouble. Odds are you will see a heard of 15-20 kids in parading past the lodge in full camouflage on one of their weekly excursions. The Rising Tide Fund will provide additional binoculars and backpacks for the Club to ensure the most educational experience for the kids in the group.

Town Futbol Stadium Score Board ($2,000)

As all guests of the Club well know, Punta Allen’s futbol field is the town’s primary social gathering point. In addition to the men, the town futbol stadium is now hosting regular games for new ladies and children’s leagues with regular games every week during the season. Local stakeholders have requested we provide the funding for a proper score board at the field which will greatly enhance the enjoyment of every match.

Emergency Fund ($5,000)

The Rising Tide will consistently maintain a budget of $5,000 cash on hand to quickly deploy to assist with unexpected medical issues, storm destruction, or any other emergencies.

2023-2024 goal total: $30,250 USD

As of April 26, 2024 generous donors have contributed a total of $20,050!

2023-2024 remaining goal total: $10,200 USD

2023-2024 Fundraising deadline

Days left to donate this season (October 18, 2024).